Contingent Fee - Business Litigation Attorneys

Representing businesses on a contingent fee serving D.C., Virginia & Maryland

At Bertram Law Group PLLC we understand that not all businesses can afford to litigate a case. Contact our Washington D.C. contingent fee business litigation attorneys.


Real Trial Lawyers, who work to win
noT to bill.

We are seasoned litigators with extensive experience in our local federal and state courts. We are able to help our clients navigate the civil litigation process, whether the case involves a breach of contract dispute or a more complex commercial matter. Our goal is to win. Not to bill by the hour. If we agree it is the right case, we offer contingency fee billing for business cases. This approach affords our clients an opportunity to seek justice in situations whether otherwise they may not be able to pursue a case. In a contingency fee case, we do not get paid our attorneys’ fees unless we obtain funds for our client through settlement or verdict.

Contingency Fee Based Business Litigation can include the following:

  • Breach of contract
  • Business fraud
  • Partnership disputes
  • Trademark infringement

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