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Usually when we think about the risks of surgery, we imagine doctors making egregious mistakes or a patient never waking up from the anesthesia. However, sometimes the tools doctors use can actually cause serious risks to a patient’s health. One such dangerous tool is called a “morcellator.” This tool has been known to cause deadly cancer to spread throughout women’s bodies, increasing their risk of serious medical complications or even death. People who have been injured by morcellators may be entitled to financial compensation for their injuries.

Morcellators Can Cause Cancer to Spread and Become More Deadly

Women who undergo uterine fibroid treatment and some hysterectomies have been undergoing a procedure called “laparoscopic power morcellation.” A morcellator is used to grind up uterine growths or the uterus itself and remove them through tiny incisions. Use of the morcellator increases a woman’s cancer risk by inadvertently spreading cancerous tissue from a woman’s uterus to other body parts. Roughly one out of every 350 women who are candidates for morcellation already have a type of cancer called uterine sarcoma. If the procedure is performed on those women, the cancer can spread throughout the abdomen and pelvis. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued what it calls a “safety communication notice,” according to the agency’s news release. According to the release, “there is no reliable way to determine if a uterine fibroid is cancerous prior to removal.” Unfortunately mitigating the risk of using these dangerous devices is not possible.

What Should I Do if I Have Been Injured by a Morcellator?

If you have been injured by one of these devices it is extremely important that you speak with an attorney like the attorneys at Bertram Law Group PLLC as soon as possible. You may have the right to file a lawsuit and be financially compensated for your medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost income. However, there are strict time limits in place that can limit your rights to these remedies. Often the severe nature of the injuries caused by morcellators are a lot for patients to take in, which can cause delays when it comes to considering legal remedies. Please, do not let this happen to you. The sooner you get a lawyer involved the sooner you can let the lawyer worry about the legal case so you can focus your energy on your recovery.

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