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Brain Injuries

Traumatic accidents—such as sports injuries; automobile, bike, or motorcycle accidents; recreational accidents; and slip and falls accidents—can all lead to serious brain injuries that can have serious life-altering and long-lasting effects. In many cases, another individual is responsible for these incidents occurring in the first place, or a company or business establishment might be accountable for the damages associated with brain injury.

For those individuals who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or any other form of brain damage, it is imperative that no time is wasted in contacting a knowledgeable and experienced Washington D.C. traumatic brain injury lawyer. An experienced Washington D.C. brain injury lawyer who has the medical background to understand these complex injuries will best be able to represent you in your claim.

Common Traumatic Brain Injury Causes

Brain injuries have a variety of causes. Some of the most common causes of brain injuries and traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Blunt force trauma to the head, some physical acts of violence, and sports injuries;
  • A sudden impact on or to the head, common in car accidents, slip, and fall cases, and recreational accidents; and
  • Oxygen deprivation, which can cause potentially irreversible brain damage and is a common cause of brain injuries in medical malpractice cases and birth injury cases.

Brain injuries are sometimes devastating, life-changing, and often not obvious to the casual observer. That is why traumatic brain injuries are sometimes described as “invisible injuries” and as a “silent epidemic.” You can’t ever tell how serious the injury is just by looking at a victim’s head. Brain injuries can be quite extensive inside the skull, and they can be difficult to detect without the aid of medical scanning technology.

Additionally, brain injuries have the ability to be slow-forming, meaning that a small brain injury, such as a small bleed, can gradually become a larger problem over time. Even a slow bleed on the brain can allow for blood to accumulate, or pool, in the brain. This can cause a buildup of pressure, which can ultimately lead to a sudden release of this pressure, often in the form of a burst. A sudden burst can cause further damage to the brain and can lead to more problems, or other complications.

Traumatic brain injuries have the potential to be irreversible and the damage from a brain injury can be permanent. Disabilities can result from brain injuries that include loss of brain function (i.e., if the brain injury is on a part of the brain that controls mobility, a brain injury victim might lose the ability to use his or her arm, leg, etc.), developmental disorders, learning disabilities, cognitive impairment, and loss of memory.

Why Hire a Washington, D.C. Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney?

In light of the complex nature of brain injuries, and since no two brain injuries are alike, as a matter of routine, the attorneys at Bertram & Murphy work closely with a nurse and a doctor on brain injury cases for their clients so that they can develop a thorough understanding about each client’s specific brain injuries and they will fight for your right to full and fair compensation from those who are liable to you.

At Bertram & Murphy, our medical and legal teams work together to build strong cases seeking compensation for brain injury sufferers. When a person, company, or any other entity needs to be held responsible for what has happened to a brain injury victim, the traumatic brain injury lawyers at Bertram & Murphy fight diligently to ensure that justice is met.

While we cannot reverse the brain injury that the victim has suffered, we have been successful in obtaining full and fair compensation for the clients and families that we have represented in the past and we aim to ease the financial burden our clients face when coping with a brain injury. If you are in need of a Washington D.C. brain injury attorney, reach out to the professionals at Bertram & Murphy.

How a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer in Washington, D.C. Can Help

As a serious traumatic brain injury may never fully heal, it is imperative that victims work with a Washington, D.C. traumatic brain injury attorney with experience handling brain injury cases who can secure the compensation that is needed to pay for your recovery both now and in the future. Catherine Bertram has the experience, resources, and drive it takes to deliver the highest standard of legal representation for her clients. To learn more about brain injuries and the legal options that are available to brain injury victims, please call 202-335-0185 or email us. Please feel free to contact one of our brain injury attorneys for a free initial consultation concerning your injuries.

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