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Website Privacy Policy

This website provides contact information and biographical information about the law firm and its attorneys. This website offers no legal advice. Visual or electronic access to this website will not create an attorney-client relationship. Visual or electronic access to this website is subject to the following additional terms and conditions:

  • The law firm’s webserver and mail server collect certain data for statistical purposes, which may include: placement of cookies when the site is browsed; recordation of inbound IP addresses; recordation of inbound referring site; and other commonly used internet tracking protocols.
  • The law firm may use the data it collects to measure the efficacy of its anti-spam and anti-viral software; to measure the efficacy of advertising campaigns; to measure visitor’s use habits; and for any other purpose consistent with U.S. law.

Social Media Endorsement Policy

In our ongoing effort to maintain compliance with the ethics regulations in the jurisdictions in which our lawyers are licensed, the Firm has adopted the following Social Media Endorsement Policy, effective January 17, 2018:

What’s an Endorsement?

An endorsement is an active statement regarding quality of services or products. Mere listing as a friend, follower, or contact on any social media network is not an endorsement of the listed person’s services or products.

Endorsements from the Firm

We are presently limiting our social media endorsements to (i) other lawyers and (ii) current or former clients of the Firm.

We will not provide you with a client or peer endorsement unless we actually know something first-hand about your services or products. For clients, this usually means we have had an opportunity to use or test your services or products. For peers, this usually means we have had the opportunity to work with you in court (same or opposite sides), on a bar committee, or on a continuing education panel.

For clients, as a means of protecting the fact that you are a client of the Firm, we will not endorse you unless you request us to do so; and we will not post any new endorsements while we are currently representing you in any matter in which the quality of your service or product is being disputed.

Endorsements About the Firm

We will not post your endorsement about the Firm unless you have first-hand knowledge about the Firm’s services and you give us permission to do so. Such knowledge may result from, for example, representation by the Firm, attending a CLE course presented by a member of the Firm, or working with one of our lawyers on a bar committee.

Additional Notes

This Social Media Endorsement Policy applies to the extent we have the ability to control posting or removal of the endorsement. Once an endorsement is posted to a social media site, it is possible for that endorsement to be propagated around the internet by third parties. The Firm makes no promises to police or control such propagation.

The Firm does not condition any endorsements upon reciprocation.

Nothing in this policy is intended to create a right to receive an endorsement. The Firm reserves the right to withdraw any endorsement previously given, at any time, for any reason, without notice.

The Firm reserves the right to amend this Social Media Policy, at any time, for any reason, without notice.

Spam Notice

Don’t Spam Us

In our ongoing effort to reduce the amount of spam we receive, this law firm does not publish its fax numbers or email addresses for public use. Re-publication by others is strictly prohibited. Under the Federal Anti-Spam Act and District of Columbia law, unsolicited electronic messaging – fax or email – may subject the sender to civil fines and penalties.

Initiating A Vendor Relationship With Us

If you are a vendor seeking to establish a relationship with this law firm, please put your proposal in writing and send it to us via ground delivery. Please do initiate first contact with us by phone, email, or fax. Unsolicited communication by vendors via fax or email may also subject you to civil damages and penalties under Federal or District of Columbia law.

Territory Served

Each of our attorneys is licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia. One of our attorneys is also licensed in Virginia. Nothing on this website is intended as an advertisement to provide services in any other jurisdiction.

State Bar Notices

This website may constitute advertising materials under the ethics regulations of one or more State Bars in the jurisdictions in which we offer services. The name and address for the lawyer responsible for the content of this website is: Catherine Bertram, 700 Pennsylvania Ave. S.E., Suite 450, Washington, D.C. 202-335-0185.

If You Are Seeking Counsel

If you would like to explore the possibility of becoming a client of the firm, we welcome inquiries by phone or letter. Please call us in our Washington, D.C. office @ 202-335-0185.

Initial contact inquiries by phone or email will not create an attorney-client privilege. Please do not put confidential information in your initial email contact. If we believe there might be a case we will set up a time for a more detailed potential case intake with our nurse or other staff member.

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