Case Results

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Confidential Settlement
Hospital Malpractice

At a local hospital, a trainee was allowed to perform a hernia repair. During the surgery the trainee inserted the instrument too far and cut the patient’s aorta causing massive blood loss. The patient almost died in the operating room.

Confidential Settlement
Surgical Malpractice

The surgeon took out the wrong kidney. As a result, the patient was left without a functioning kidney and will need dialysis for the rest of her life.

Confidential Settlement

The patient was told she had breast cancer and as a result she decided to have a surgery to remove both breasts in order to avoid the cancer returning. After undergoing the surgery, she received a call saying the hospital had made a mistake. She never had breast cancer.

Confidential Settlement
Hospital Malpractice

A local doctor ignored the concerns raised by a principal of a local elementary school when he complained about new fatigue. The patient was eventually diagnosed with late stage colon cancer which cut short his life with his family and his grandchildren.

Confidential Settlement
Surgical Malpractice

A local surgeon mistakenly removed a section of a patient’s colon believing a cancerous polyp was in that section only to later be told by the pathologist that she took out the wrong section of the colon. The patient had to undergo additional surgery to remove the cancerous growth.

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